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Evolution Performance & Rehab

Evolution Performance & Rehab

Our mission at Evolution Performance & Rehab is to empower individuals to express their physical capacity to the fullest extent possible.

Please email ben@evolutionperformanceandrehab.com for any questions or to schedule any of the below services.

Services Include:

Performance Therapy


Initial Evaluation

60 minute follow-up

*Doctor’s referral is not required*

Performance Therapy at Evolution P&R focuses on the evaluation, diagnosis, and rehabilitation of musculoskeletal injury. It’s hard to be your best when you are in pain. This is for anyone currently dealing with pain or injury that negatively impacts their daily activities and/or recreational activities or exercise.

Here are a few examples of things we treat:

  • Neck pain and low back pain (including disc issues)
  • Muscle strains/tears,
  • Acute and chronic tendonopathy
  • Shoulder pain (labral tears, rotator cuff tears, shoulder impingement, biceps tendonitis)
  • Tennis or Golfer’s Elbow
  • Knee pain (mensiscus problems, patellar tendonitis)

…And much more.

Treatment includes manual therapy techniques (joint mobilization, soft tissue mobilization, cupping, scraping, etc.), movement/technique analysis, and corrective exercise prescription. The goal of Performance Therapy is to decrease pain, restore function, and maximize performance while transitioning back to normal training. Training should not be painful. If you have been struggling with nagging aches or pains, now is the time to get to the root of the problem so you can perform your best!

Performance Optimization


The Performance Optimization program at Evolution P&R provides a unique training program tailored to your specific needs in order to restore muscular balance and increase movement efficiency. The goal is to maximize performance and decrease injury risk. We utilize expert movement analysis to identify movement inefficiencies and muscular imbalances that decrease performance and increase injury risk.


Anyone seeking to maximize sport performance and/or prevent injury. Anyone from elite athletes to weekend warriors. For those looking to discover potential performance limitations and injury risks, get the most out of training/sport, and improve movement quality


  • Movement Assessment
  • 4 weeks of personalized programming
  • Weekly email check-in for video/technique review and program modifications as needed
  • 60 minute in-person session (additional sessions can be added)

The Bridge


Transition from rehabilitation back to full training and/or sport performance.


Those rehabing an injury who have completed physical therapy or post-surgical protocol but need additional skilled training before returning to full training and/or sport. Anyone who has been discharged or is approaching physical therapy discharge but requires more work for return to sport.


Continue restoration of function to return to full training and/or sport.

1-on-1 Training

Includes FREE Movement Screen


1-on-1 expert strength and conditioning to accomplish your goals! Covers everything from sport specific training to general fitness and weight loss.


Anyone looking to improve their fitness. The program is specific to client goals.

Movement Assessment

The goal of this assessment is to thoroughly evaluate total body strength and range of motion. This advanced assessment goes beyond the initial movement screen and breaks down each region of the body. First, passive and active range of motion measurements are taken to assess joint mobility. Next, functional movements are performed to assess motor control and integrated mobility. Specific tests are also performed to assess injury risk.

Information gained from this assessment will identify strengths and weakness specific to each athlete. This information can then be used to create a unique training program or integrate with the athlete’s current training program to overcome their specific limitations that are hindering performance and/or causing pain.

Movement Screen

When you sign up for a 30 minute screen, it will be credited towards your first month when you sign up for the Performance Optimization program.

The movement screen will help determine ability safety to load foundational movements. The intent is to evaluate basic mobility and identify any potential restrictions that may limit performance and increase injury risk. This info is vital prior to beginning any strength and conditioning program and can be used to maximize results while decreasing overall injury risk. This screen is less thorough than the full movement assessment but is an excellent starting point for those interested in performing their best.

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